Healing Drum

Stress management with the help of Navajo-therapy!

Healing Drum believes in the healing and meditative power of the drum. Healing Drum sells hand-made shaman drums and drum storage backpacks, and offers drum making courses, Navajo-therapy and drum relaxation.

In the drum making course you can make the drum as unique and personalised object starting from dyeing of the leather. The drum relaxation leads to a stress-free state of mind by the force of drumming. Drum relaxation can be carried out also in a group.

The Navajo-therapy is a healing treatment used by the North American Indians, in which the body energy levels are being balanced. The Navajo-therapy ensures a purifying moment full of experiences. Healing Drum offers Navajo-therapy and drum relaxation also as home visits.

Ari Kuivalainen - Healing Drum

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