Leather parchment -advanced course

Product description                 
During the advanced course you can deepen your skills about the untreated leather i.e. leather parchment. 
In the course the leather is coloured and shaped, and a piece of jewellery, brooch, pendant or earrings are made from it and silver.

Participants and price              
Weekend course 16 h/180 €/participant or evening course 3 h/evening/50 €/participant.
Weekend course for children aged 12-16 years 100 €/participant or 25 €/3 h/evening.
Number of participants: 3-6 persons in company’s premises, for courses organised elsewhere 3-10 persons 

14 days beforehand

The price includes                     
The price includes all accessories, course guidance in Apan Koru premises and the end product to be taken home

The leather parchment is a versatile material of which beautiful jewellery and decorative items can be made.
The leather parchment has been used in ancient time in parchment scrolls and shaman drums, but it is almost unknown as jewellery material.
In the piece of jewellery are also used silver parts.

Service languages                     
Finnish, English

For additional payment          
Catering in company’s premises is to be agreed separately.
The course can be organised in premises by the client’s choice, in which case there will be an additional charge of 0,41 €/km in addition to the participant fees and premise rental fee. The participants can buy additional silver parts 2,50 €/g and 1,50 €/g as raw material.

Additional information           
No prior experience of jewellery making is expected from the participants. The jewellery workshop also sells jewellery products.

Company contact info             
Apan Koru / Design Airi Hietala
Y-tunnus 2251801-1
Koivutie 10, 75530 Nurmes
+358 (0)45 7840 4065