Drum making course

Product description                 
In the drum making course the client can make the drum as an unique item starting from colouring of the leather, and also learn to use the drum. The participants also make a drumstick of wood or bone, the drumsticks are to be needle-felted.


Price, duration and participants

Price of the course is defined by the drum size:

  • Small round drum (diam. 35-37 cm) 150 € /participant
  • Big round drum (diam. 43-45 cm) 190 € /participant
  • Octagonal drum 240 € /participant

Course of 2 days: 6 h + 4 h

Minimum number of participants depends on the location of the course place.


14 days beforehand


The price includes                     
The price includes the material, course guidance and the end product


As drum material is used reindeer skin and birch plywood or aspen board. The reindeer skin, which is used as the drum membrane, is coloured with natural colours according to the client’s wishes


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For additional payment          
The company Healing Drum sells hand-made shaman drums 150-240 €.

Healing Drum makes and sells also drum storage backpacks of different sizes and drumsticks with shanks of wood or bone.


Additional information           
No prior experience of making of drums is expected from the participants.

Company contact info             
Healing Drum
Jokikatu 9c 22, 81700 Lieksa
+358 (0)400 545 886