Guided Kalevala tour in Glass studio

Product description                 
The Kalevala premise of Glass studio Korpinoita is a rewarding entity of stained glass, paintings and sculptures, which will grow during the future years. It is a diving into the roots of Finnish culture and of being a human being. The telling of Kalevala tour through glass work and sculptures brings the mystical hero stories to the modern time and gives an experiential state of mind by widening the view of ourselves and the world as a part  of the whole being of the mankind.


Tour price and duration          

  • 10 €/grown-up
  • 5 €/under the age of 16
  •  2 h/visit


7 days beforehand. Size of group 5 – 50 persons.


The price includes                     
Visit to the Glass studio and telling of the Kalevala story by the glass work.


Service languages                     
Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish


For children                                 
For children under 16 years of age the Kalevala premise is a place of fairy tales. They can hear the living telling about the Kalevala hero stories. By the stories they can also hear description and see pictures of the Finnish way of living before our grandparents.


Additional information           
The entrance fee and shopping in Glass studio is to be paid only in cash. Large groups and their shopping also by billing. The mere visit to the glass studio does not require registration during the opening dates and hours 1.7.-31.7.2018, at 13.00-18.00.


Company contact info             
Lasistudio Korpinoita
Rapulintie 571, 75740 Pajukoski
+358 (0)50 359 1713